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an online group program of foundations for natural wellbeing

Women Wellness Online Program

Natural Holistic Harmony Women Wellness Program

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This program will guide a group of women over the course of 7 weeks into setting the foundation of getting to know yourself in a more intimate way, working with the body, mind & soul as one. You will learn essential tools of what is needed to balance all three for greater health and vitality, coming into divine alignment with yourself and your soul's highest potential. Together, we will develop your awareness and empowerment to make conscious choices that allow you to come into greater communion with yourself each and every day. We have created this for women who are looking to find balance within their day to day lives and take back control of their physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. 

 ○ Dive a bit deeper into the exploration of your own personal health and wellbeing
 ○ Gain skills, tools and knowledge that supports you to make empowered choices for your health & vitality 
 ○ Cultivate your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing naturally 
 ○ Learn how to understand the communication of your body 
 ○ Learn how to make conscious choices that support your personal constitution and body's communicated needs
 ○ Gain knowledge and tools to support your body's innate healing potential.
 ○ Practical first aid and prevention tools through natural holistic approaches
 ○ Have weekly support and accountability as you embark on your well being journey 
 ○ Have a support community with other women who are on the same journey as you

Who This is For

We are currently in a time as a society where taking care of our physical vessel is paramount. How we care for ourselves daily really sets the foundation for either internal balance and health, or imbalance and the development of illness & disease. When we take care of our bodies, supporting the foundations of wellness as well as considering and nourishing our body, mind & soul, everything within our external world naturally mirrors the balance found within. 

So now, more than ever, it is imperative to make sure we are supporting and aligning to our highest potential through the very practical basic things we do each day, as this can have the biggest impact long term, contributing to the strength that our body has to support itself into its highest health and vitality.

Wherever you are, there is no better time than the present to take charge of your wellbeing. 

This program is designed to be practical and entry-level so that it is an easy introduction to the different aspects of holistic wellbeing in a way that is fun and easy to begin with. The 7 weeks are filled with practical tools that each person can take home and start implementing throughout the programme. 

The small seemingly insignificant details of the choices we make each day are the moments that impact our lives the greatest. We guide each individual in making conscious choices and positive changes and adjustments to support personal transformation, providing beautiful insights and celebrating the internal growth that each woman journeys through. 

We are honoured to hold space for each individual soul's path, peeling back the layers, allowing you to live a life of greater health, vitality and sovereignty. We remove the fog from daily existence and clear the way to shine your brightest light from the inside out.

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This program is a mixture between a course (each week bringing supportive topics, teachings and practical learning tools) and a women’s circle (each week having time to share and reflect on the progress and journey as we move through the weeks). This way, we have the best of both worlds to cultivate a supportive container, journeying through these 7 weeks together. 

How it works

The sessions: Each session is 2-3 hrs long, held as a group online zoom meeting once a week. 

○ Opening and closing meditation, visualization or grounding technique
○ Working on the week’s topic
○ Group coaching, practical and supportive exercises, and reflection on the progress and journey 
○ Resources and book recommendations to support the teachings provided. 

We will also be connected by a WhatsApp group to share experiences and support each week. 

Program Structure

Energetics, Balance, Natural Universal Laws and Food as Medicine

Module 1 

Energetics, Balance, Natural Universal Laws and Food as Medicine

Module 1 

In Module 1 we will explore the ancient and essential wisdom’s of energetics and natural balance, diving into the natural universal laws that govern all of life which naturally impact our daily experiences and vital wellbeing. 

Exploring also practical steps and tools which you can implement in your daily life naturally, empowering you with conscious awareness and practical knowledge. Working with the wisdom and principles of holistic wellness and food as medicine, we dive deep in this first module, setting the foundation for our journey together, aimed at empowering you on your long and vitality filled life journey. 

creating optimal health and vitality naturally for years to come. 

Meal Prep, Sourcing and Preparation

Module 2

In this module, we will explore the practical side of the application of the knowledge acquired in Module 1. We dive into the essentials of sourcing (what types of brands and products to use and where to find them) and preparations, setting you up with an important foundation from which to build on throughout your journey. 

Important aspects explored regarding meal prepping, sourcing and preparations are time management, important ‘how to’s’, ‘when to’s’ and what to prepare, to best aid you on your natural journey towards wellbeing. A jump-start with practical, easy to implement tips, tools and steps. Let's get started!  

Meal Prep, Sourcing and Preparation

Weekly Meal Planning for balance and wellbeing

Module 3


Module 3

Following on from last week's learning, module 3 brings greater practical application to the ancient wisdom of energetics and holistic naturopathic knowledge. The focus of this module is in equipping you with practical tools that empower you to create your own weekly balanced and healthy menu. 

Following specific principles and guidelines, you are empowered with the knowledge to consider your constitution, current conditions and personal goals, all influential when planning for the week or month. With the support of Giovana, we will create your menu plan which is both balanced, healthy and most importantly fun! Inspiring new dishes to explore in the kitchen, but also including practical health-supporting easy to make meals. Most importantly, this module is built on the foundation of the work done together in the previous module, influenced by conscious planning, sourcing and meal preparations, making meal planning (weekly menu planning) much easier and practical. 

Weekly Meal Planning for balance and wellbeing

Structure And Routine - Habits For Personal Success 

Module 4


Module 4

What we do each day shapes and determines the course of our lives. From this perspective, our daily habits, our daily choices and our daily actions have a strong impact on shaping our reality.

In this module we unpack and structure easy to implement habits that positively impact your natural wellbeing, setting a daily structure for developing vitality and building routines that are also realistic for your personal lives. Supporting you in empowering yourself with a holistic lifestyle structure that nourishes your personal health & wellbeing. 

Structure And Routine - Habits For Personal Success 

Values and Needs Addressed and Clarified

Module 5


Module 5

Know thyself. In this module we explore our own personal individual needs and values. The values we hold individually shape our lives, as we naturally (and most of the time unconsciously) strive to meet these values and personal needs. 

Clarifying, understanding them and aligning towards honouring these values and personal needs in healthy and supportive ways, empowers us towards our best selves. We will work on bringing ourselves into harmony with our foundational needs and values and consciously making choices that support our wellbeing. 

Uncovering Your Needs and Values

Mind & Mental Wellness, towards balance and wellbeing naturally

Module 6


Module 6

Meditation, Mindfulness and Mental Exercises and Tools for cultivating wellness naturally. Coaching tools such as ‘changing state’ and ‘trigger tools’ supporting our personal journeys. When we are looking at holistic health, here at Natural Holistic Harmony, we look at the whole being: Body, Mind and Soul. 

From this perspective, the choices we make in one area of this triad, inevitably affect the other areas also. In this module, we explore practical tools in supporting and nurturing our emotional and mental wellbeing naturally. We do this by incorporating meditation techniques, mindfulness practices, coaching tools, and nurturing foods, herbs and supportive lifestyle choices. 

Mind and Mental Wellness, towards balance and wellbeing naturally


Module 7


Module 7

At the core of it all is energy. Energy is what permeates all of life itself, as it’s expressed in quantum physics today, and so has been expressed for thousands of years by ancient wisdom cultures. How we choose to nourish ourselves spiritually may differ, however, its significance to the then manifested reflection in our physical reality is absolute. Our bodies consist of much more than just manifested physical matter, from the atoms and molecules vibrating our physical body into existence to the subtle energy fields that make up our full experience here as you and I. 

How we choose to nourish ourselves energetically, then translates into the manifested physical body which we reside within. This is perhaps one of the most important keys to natural wellness. Cultivating a balance between nursing our physical body, our mind and our soul & spirit, yields abundant fruits of wellness in our internal wellbeing garden. 

In this hands-on module, as we conclude our final session, we explore our internal world. Such practices are a journey, where we cultivate connection and strength each time we come back to ourselves internally. 

In this module, we will begin this connection, practice and curiosity with love and compassion for ourselves on this journey. The intention is to ignite and cultivate a relationship with our deepest divine selves and Energetic Support Team, who are always here guiding and supporting our individual soul journey. 

I AM Presence And Personal Divine Support Team

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WPP Bonus


wPP bonus

- 1hr with Giovana for a personal 1-2-1 holistic wellness and moving forward session. Exclusive to the participants of this 1st program launch. 
- Price: £124+ for the personal NHH 1-2-1 session included as a FREE BONUS gifted to you in this program! 

Women Wellness program BONUS

Start Of Feb (Time and Day TBC)

Length of sessions are 1.5-3 hours depending on the content of the week. An average of 2 hours each week.

date & time of sessions (uk time)

Beginning of Feb 2022 

starting dates

No, in fact, there is no better time to invest in your wellness than the present, no matter our age or experiences. 


If you have small children, this program is sure to support your wellbeing which will ripple out to benefit those around you.

What if I have small children?

If you’re pregnant or preparing to conceive, this nourishing programme helps cultivate the best possible internal environment to hold and grow life. 

What if I’m pregnant?

If you’re on your own healing journey, this is the perfect addition to support and nurture the body organically back to balance, activating your body's innate self-healing capacity. 

What if I’m already on a healing journey?


We welcome students in our program as the wisdom and knowledge as well as supportive circle structure builds a foundational platform for you to support your health, wellness and vitality for years to come. 

what if i'm a student?

Yes, at this time, the container is exclusive to women to cultivate an intimate and nourishing safe environment of sharing & empowerment into our wellbeing potentials together. 

Is this program just for women?

This foundational group program provides both empowerment knowledge and tools, as well as a support community from which to navigate and support your body into balance by the conscious choices we make each day. 

What if I have a health condition or diagnosed issues? 

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