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Women's holistic health & Soul path coach

Hello, I'm Giovana!


If you are a mother or mother to be, and wish to receive holistic guidance for yourself and your child through pregnancy and beyond. Feeling strong and balanced within your body, mind and soul so you can pass this gift to your child. 

If you crave a lifestyle change transitioning to a healthier you, to learn the unique workings of your body or even introduce a plant based lifestyle with the right guidance to cater to all your nutritional needs.

If you struggle with disease/illness and you are interested in an alternative natural route to support your body's innate healing and thriving capacity.  

Why & When You Should Work with NHH

If you desire clarity on your soul's mission on this planet and wish to clear the way so you can find a greater purpose and peace within your existence.

We are passionate about supporting new mothers and mothers to be, focusing on the body, mind and soul as you prepare to carry and raise life into this world.  

New Mothers & Mothers To Be


Are you ready to truly connect to your soul's potential? To gain clarity on the mission you undertook when reincarnating on this planet? This package is perfect for you!

121 Holistic Health & Soul Path Coaching 


Reduce symptoms of illness/disease, learn more about yourself and the unique way your body works through Iridology and Holistic health coaching.

Iridology and Holistic Wellbeing Consulting

what we offer


There is also the option of moving forward to carry on with weekly coaching sessions where there is space after receiving the report to work more with nourishing the body and/or focus more on caring for the mind and soul in more depth. This next step is very important and can actually be where the true magic occurs as we build on each week from the last after laying the foundations. The coaching sessions are £100 for 1 hour but can be booked in blocks for a discount. Please contact our team in the office with any questions or book using our system below to start this exciting journey back to a more vibrant you.

coaching sessions

The price is broken down in two parts.

£250 - For the Iridology, Introduction Session and Written Report.
£100 - For the 1-2 Hour Session


1 x Report Sharing Session (1-2 hours)

Full Personalized Written Report

1 x Iridology and Initial Information Gathering Session (1 hour)


- Macrobiotic nutrition
- Acid/alkaline balancing
- Personal development coaching
- Soul path coaching

- Oriental medicine
- Iridology
- Holistic wellbeing 
- Naturopathy/Nutrition

The training I draw from within the sessions include:

Finishing with a 1-2 hour coaching session where we go into detail explaining your report fully, offer support and together plan the way forward.   


Written Personalised Report

What we learn from the introduction and Iridology session, we then take forward and write you a full personalised report. Focusing on your unique constitution, current condition and considering your personal goals. 

This introduction session which includes Iridology photos and information gathering session, that lasts up to 1 hour. I get to know you, your background and any health concerns and goals you are working towards.


unique to the individual

• Trouble Sleeping 
• Inflammation
• UTI’s (urinary tract infection)
• Endometriosis
• Painful menstruation
• Excess mucus
• Diabetes

• Constipation
• Fatigue
• Autoimmune Diseases (Crohns/Ulcerative Colitis)
• Asthma And Other Respiratory Issues 
• Various Cancers 

The goal within each ongoing coaching session is to provide support to you on your journey, whatever it may be, offering dietary/lifestyle recommendations, setting goals together, utilising personal development and coaching exercises and making conscious choices towards a healthier and more balanced, happy you. Inspiring and empowering you to become the best version of yourself possible.

I have assisted people with many imbalances who wish to reduce symptoms and create a healthier environment within the body naturally. If you have something draining your life force and you feel an imbalance within your body, I can support you on your journey back to optimal health and vitality. Common ailments I offer support in:

Imbalances - Ailments, Illness & dis-ease we supporT

People come to me feeling run down, missing that spark or struggling with illness or disease. Looking for a more natural way to care for themselves, strengthening the body and immune system.  This service provides a deeper insight into oneself, a chance for you to get to know the unique way your body works and what it needs to thrive day to day. A chance to pinpoint the root cause of any imbalance leaking energy from the system and understand the ways you tend to burn yourself out consciously and unconsciously.

I start by using oriental diagnosing and Iridology to highlight any potential tendencies of blocks or build up of toxins within the body that could lead to future dis-ease. Then after getting to know you, your background and your goals, I create a personalised written report for you. Lastly, within the package, providing you with a follow-up session so you can understand yourself better, what you need to thrive day to day and the way forward. 

Bringing the body, mind and soul into harmony & balance

Iridology & Holistic Wellbeing Consulting

We recommend buying the sessions in packages of four, each month, for the best results as each week builds on from the last. 

Package of two sessions - £200

2 Holistic health or Soul path coaching sessions (1 Hour)

Pricing & packages

- 9 Star KI
- Numerology 
- Nutrition 
- Personal & Spiritual Development Coaching
- Macrobiotic nutrition

- Oriental Medicine
- Avatar alignment
- ancient wisdom 
- Spiritual technology
- Naturopathy 

The training and wisdoms I draw from in these sessions include:

Are you ready to truly connect to your soul's potential? To gain clarity on the mission you undertook when reincarnating on this planet? These sessions are about coming home to your authentic nature and getting to know the real you at the core before all the conditionings, programming and societal beliefs were absorbed as you grew. 

I work with you to gain direction in the way your life is unfolding, to help you step into your power and take back control of what you are allowing to control you. Aiming to provide you with the tools and support you require to listen to your own guidance and intuition. It is time to start living the life you want and not to just follow the crowd. 

Together we will explore gaining a fresh perspective of the way you can live, and understand how you can clear the blockages that stop you from pursuing your true dreams and desires. 

We only get one chance in this body, let's live it as fully embodied, sovereign beings. It is our birthright! 

Soul path coaching

This is the perfect next step if you have completed our Iridology and Holistic wellbeing consulting package and wish to carry on with the support and guidance of a practitioner on your health and wellbeing journey. We offer you weekly sessions and friendly personal assistance continuing to improve your overall health and wellbeing physically, emotionally and spiritually. Offering little check-ins too, where needed, to keep you motivated. 

Sometimes to make a big change within our life, it takes months of commitment to small changes everyday and we are here to help you do that. Continuing from all the information and goals we set previously, we will make new goals and combat new challenges together. Growing in strength, knowledge and capability. Focusing on adding the best herbs, foods and lifestyle changes needed for you as life changes month to month and you stay on this journey to a healthier more fulfilled version of you. Empowered and confident to take care of your own health and understand your own world with more depth than ever before.

121 Holistic Health Coaching

121 Holistic health & Soul path coaching

Package of Four sessions - £350

4 Holistic health or Soul path coaching sessions (1 Hour)

special Discount for on-going monthly package!

client feedback


Giovana has a very vast knowledge of the physical body, and what and how you can support it & an incredible power to work with the energetic bodies, and guide you back to balance and source. Her way of doing it is full of ease and grace, and she makes you feel super comfortable. From simple dietary advices, to complex and full life style changes, she has the capacity to help you on your journey. Her energetic field is safe, clean and holds an incredible amount of light. I highly recommend her to anybody!

"I felt that Giovana knew me better than I did myself."

If you are interested in finding out more in terms of how we can assist your journey and work out a personal plan for you please contact the office or book a discovery call with Giovana.


- Macrobiotic nutrition
- Acid/alkaline balancing
- Personal development coaching
- Soul path coaching

- Oriental medicine
- Iridology
- Holistic wellbeing 
- Naturopathy/Nutrition

The training I draw from within the sessions include:

Stage 2 - Pregnancy and Labour

Throughout we must support the body, making sure ‘the mother to be’ has all the right nutrients and is really going through pregnancy in the most loving, harmonious, balanced way that she can.

The state of health of both the female and male determines the quality of the egg and the survival of the sperm. Working on both parties' nutrition pre-conception is incredibly important when preparing to create a life.


unique to the individual


Our passion is to support the mother to create simple but impactful foundations that promote health, vitality, wellbeing, harmony and alignment. For themselves and the baby, so the child can grow up and make a positive impact in the world, feeling empowered and fulfilled within themselves. It all starts with the parents, they carve the way for the child's emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing. 

The way the mother nurtures and nourishes herself before, during and after the pregnancy has a huge impact on the fetus’s development. A lot of disease, illness and psychological issues we deal with as adults are actually developed in the womb and then the first few years of life. Babies are constantly feeding off your nervous system, learning what to expect of the outside world from you and trying to understand if it is a safe, loving place. It is vital to be aware and take care of not just your health and wellbeing but your emotional and spiritual state too. Then once the child is born, the mother requires the first 40 days to love herself, get into a beautiful flow within her new life and regain some vitality. If this space is not given it can lead again to problems later down the line for her, in terms of developing mental and physical illness. We wish to create a world where health and wellbeing is a priority and we are raising happy children free of disease and mental illness.

The importance of caring for the body, mind & soul

We have taken our Iridology and Holistic Wellbeing Consulting and tailored it specifically to new mothers and mothers to be. Working through the four important stages of pregnancy and new motherhood, listed below, we spend a much longer length of time together so we can assist you from conception, to after birth and ongoing as you learn your child's unique needs, their constitution and how best to balance both your bodies, minds and souls. We want to empower the mother to make conscious choices towards her and her child's health so she feels fully capable, supported and seen as well as the child's needs being met. 

Through this work together we can pinpoint imbalance and potential illness within your system that can often unconsciously get passed to our children. Working naturally to support the body with certain foods that strengthen you and the baby in its important stages of development in and out of the womb. I can also recommend certain things that assist during labour and birth to support the body during this time and pressure points from my training in oriental medicine that stimulates and assist in the natural labour process. The goal is to empower the mother with knowledge and support on this beautiful journey.

Iridology & Holistic health coaching for new mothers and mothers to be

Working with New Mothers and Mothers To Be

Stage 4 - After the first 40 days

This is for when the baby is born, you are past the first few weeks and you require continued guidance on how to support your body post-pregnancy and care for your growing baby’s needs and desires.

This is supporting and nurturing the mother and the baby once born, on this new phase within, acclimatising to this new journey. Making sure that there is a space for pause and not going straight back into a busy lifestyle so that her vitality is really nurtured.



There are so many benefits that follow when you commit to learning the language your body speaks. And how to truly understand what it needs from you to support its innate healing and thriving capacity. Improved quality of life, reduced symptoms of illness and disease, increased knowledge on how to care for your body using food as medicine and the option of ongoing support if you so desire!

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