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Women's holistic health & Soul path coach

Hello, I'm Giovana!


If you are a mother or mother to be, and wish to receive holistic guidance for yourself and your child through pregnancy and beyond. Feeling strong and balanced within your body, mind and soul so you can pass this gift to your child. 

If you crave a lifestyle change transitioning to a healthier you, to learn the unique workings of your body or even introduce a plant based lifestyle with the right guidance to cater to all your nutritional needs.

If you struggle with disease/illness and you are interested in an alternative natural route to support your body's innate healing and thriving capacity.  

Why & When You Should Work with NHH

If you desire clarity on your soul's mission on this planet and wish to clear the way so you can find a greater purpose and peace within your existence.

We are passionate about supporting new mothers and mothers to be, focusing on the body, mind and soul as you prepare to carry and raise life into this world.  

New Mothers & Mothers To Be


Our work is in developing your capacity to make conscious and supportive choices through understanding your body and understanding the subtle energies that govern all of life. 

8-Week 1-2-1 Wellness  Coaching Package


Begin your journey towards greater health & vitality here. This is an opportunity to get to know the unique workings of your own body, mind & soul. Pinpointing the core of developed imbalances within the body.

Iridology and Holistic Wellbeing Consulting

what we offer



There are so many benefits that follow when you commit to learning the language your body speaks. And how to truly understand what it needs from you to support its innate healing and thriving capacity. Improved quality of life, reduced symptoms of illness and disease, increased knowledge on how to care for your body using food as medicine and the option of ongoing support if you so desire!

Ready to Begin?