Oriental Medicine, Naturopathy, Macrobiotic Nutrition, Macrobiotic Counselling, Iridology, Personal Development Coaching & Spiritual Wisdoms  

Women's holistic health & Soul path coach

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I am a holistic health and soul path coach with a special expertise in oriental medicine, Iridology (study of the iris to understand your whole body), naturopathy, and macrobiotic nutrition. In my sessions we work on supporting health and vitality from all layers of the self - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual; while building manageable positive steps to help guide you towards achieving these goals. Helping you to shine your light from within. 


I grew up in a very health conscious household that only ate a whole grain, healthy, vegetarian, organic, biodynamic diet. My parents always read the labels on food and were very focused from an early age on providing as much of a balance within our diets as possible. As a baby, my mother fed me, along with her milk, a separate bottle of freshly prepared vegetable juice every day. As a result of this environment from an early age, I had never experienced any illness (at all) growing up until after the age of 9. This upbringing reflected strongly when I chose my career path. The universe guided me onto the path of holistic health and opened up many doorways for me to learn the different modalities that would support the natural wellbeing of myself and others when it came to bringing the body, mind and soul into natural health, harmony and balance. 

I started my studies at 19yrs in the holistic arts of macrobiotics, a combination of ancient wisdom of oriental medicine and balanced nutrition, aimed to influence and support natural balance in our bodies and lives. 


Oriental Medicine, Naturopathy, Macrobiotic Nutrition, Macrobiotic Counselling, Iridology, Personal Development Coaching & Spiritual Wisdoms  

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I trained at the Kushi institute of Europe and then followed on to complete my professional training as a Macrobiotic Counsellor, teacher and nutritional chef in the US, at the Kushi Institute in Massachusetts. Then, training Biomedicine coming to London to train at College of Naturopathic Medicine MN in Biomedicine, Naturopathy (including in it Nutrition, Homeopathy and Herbal Medicine) and Iridology. Furthermore, I trained with the Coaching Academy London, and Youth Coaching Academy, as a life coach and youth coach in personal development, and drawn on other spiritual wisdoms and ancient technologies in my work with clients.  

Over 10 years later, from when I first started my professional journey and training, I continue to expand my knowledge base, and am currently training to become a positive psychologist practitioner and a herbal medicine practitioner. I am honoured and passionate in being the best support system I can be for each and every one of my clients, and in supporting individuals to shine brightly in this world, living happy, healthy and fulfilled lives naturally. 

Combining my years of training and experience I created Natural Holistic Harmony ltd. with the intention to empower the individual on their health journey and assist them in shining their natural light from within. I hope to be able to support you on this journey back to the best version of you!


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 I work in the office at NHH with my pup Zen. I grew up riding horses and spending my days at the stables until 2017 when I decided to move to London and pursue an acting career. A few years later and I am loving life working for my beautiful friend Giovana still living in London and thriving! Currently training in biomedicine at CNM, as Giovana did. When you contact us by email, I am the one you’re most likely to speak to first. I am here to help. 

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I started my life on a beach in Bali, very undernourished. I was taken in by a rescue centre and lived with about 150 other dogs when I met my mum in 2019. Fast forward 5 months, I was landing in Amsterdam, in winter! I then made my way back to London and have been living the life of a king since with no regrets. I currently work very hard at NHH keeping the team’s spirit up when things are low (with my absolute cuteness) and I must say I have a thing with the ladies as they can’t stop kissing my head and making funny noises at me!

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There are so many benefits that follow when you commit to learning the language your body speaks. And how to truly understand what it needs from you to support its innate healing and thriving capacity. Improved quality of life, reduced symptoms of illness and disease, increased knowledge on how to care for your body using food as medicine and the option of ongoing support if you so desire!

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