Oriental Medicine, Naturopathy, Macrobiotic Nutrition, Macrobiotic Counselling, Iridology, Personal Development Coaching & Spiritual Wisdoms  

Women's holistic health & Soul path coach

Hello, I'm Giovana!


Supporting Women find balance, harmony and alignment of body mind & soul

Shine your light naturally

At Natural Holistic Harmony we support women, mothers and mothers to be as individuals in understanding the language of their body and getting to know themselves to greater depths. This is done through empowering group programs and 1-2-1 consultation and coaching sessions led by the director of NHH, Giovana Restino.

Our aim is to bring the body, mind and soul into balance and harmony using a complete holistic approach. Ranging from oriental medicine, iridology (a diagnostic tool of the body through the study of the iris), naturopathy, macrobiotic nutrition, macrobiotic counselling, plant based cooking, personal development, life coaching and soul path coaching.

We assist in a variety of different illnesses/diseases and imbalances, and give you the tools you need to fill up your own cup emotionally, physically and spiritually. Our main passion is prevention work, creating the foundations for a long life of vitality for both yourself and your loved ones free of illness and disease. 

Women's holistic health and soul path coach

Hi, I'm Giovana!

This space is a home away from home for transformation, education and support. To assist you in stepping into your power and starting the journey back to your most divine, authentic, empowered self.

client love

— P. Papp

My first experience with Giovana's skills was when she did an Iridiology Consultation with me, and I felt she knew me better than I did myself. She has a very vast knowledge of the physical body, and what and how you can support it. As well as an incredible power to work with the energetic bodies, and guide you back to balance and source. Her way of doing it is full of ease and grace, and she makes you feel super comfortable. From simple dietary advices, to complex and full life style changes, she has the capacity to help you on your journey. Her energetic field is safe, clean and holds an incredible amount of light. I highly recommend her to anybody!

"I felt that Giovana knew me better than I did myself."


When it comes to the understanding of the body and the importance of balance, Giovana is one of the most knowledgeable people I have ever met. On my spiritual journey I have found myself constantly unbalanced and her support has allowed me so much ease and Grace while dealing with the high vibrations and energy work I deal with. She has helped me ground and keep my centre beyond all else and I am eternally grateful for her and all she does. She is amazing and anyone is lucky to work with her as our physical bodies are the temples we all need to look after on our journeys to Ascension.

"She is amazing & anyone is lucky to work with Giovana!"

— rebecca g.

Giovana has been such a light in my life! Being a generalist I sometimes struggle with focusing on single paths or tasks, and Giovana helps me set out plans and goals like no other! She inspires you and guides you through discovering your talents and how you can use them to generate all round wealth and happiness. Her program is also A-MA-ZING! She has such ample knowledge regarding different health approaches, and always seeks out to balance the health of body and mind as a whole. 100% recommend her to anyone wanting to get more in touch with their true talent and aspirations & generate more energy through a well rounded healthier life.

"I 100% recommend Giovana to anyone!"


Giovana is one of the most wonderfully positive, beautiful, radiant, genuine & inspiringly lovely people we are fortunate enough to know through the Shack and we want you all to know just how bloody smart & exceptional she is. In these challenging times, it's essential to keep yourself ship shape. Giovana frequently posts a whole load of wonderful and useful information on everything from foods through to exercise, wellbeing and mindfulness. Give her a follow or get in touch, either way you'll see what we mean with the above flattery and you'll learn a whole load too. It's every bit deserved!

"The most positive, radiant & inspiringly lovely person"

—  David.

I did Giovana's 6 week Natural Holistic Harmony program and really felt a difference. There weren't that many changes to implement all at once, which made it easier for me to stick to the program and not run away. I got my vavavoom back, shall we say. Thank you very much. Highly recommend Giovana's program to anyone that is looking to get back in harmony with nature and certainly if you want to live a happy, pill-free, medication-free life like I do.

"Highly recommend Giovana's program!"




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